Halloween and Adult Costumes

When is something scary a whole load of fun? It would probably be either when you’re a horror movie fan or lover and indulging in a weekend movie run with like-minded friends, or, the more public domain of the Halloween celebration come October every year. The first has its firm followers as otherwise the genre would have died a silent death a long, long time ago instead of thriving like it is in recent time with copycat slasher, crawling ghosts and gory ghouls flourishing like mushroom after a rainy day.

Both are celebrated universally, but it would be in the second celebration, which would get the distinction of being parent-approved and children participate. Halloween has certainly come a long way from its origins as a Celtic festival kich duc celebrated at the end of their harvesting season. Did you know that Halloween came from the word All Hallows’ Even(ing), as in the eve of All Hallows’ Day? This would be the end of October and a long, long time ago, holy man (and woman?) would chuck the bones of livestock slaughtered to appease the bad and nasty spirits waiting to cross over from their realm into ours..

The myth associated with Halloween is that the festival will create a kind of disturbance in the boundary between the living and the dead. The living will not dare to cross that boundary but the dead or the evil spirits will surely try to interfere with life of the living. The holy man and woman will abandon the bones from the fire; their followers will guise themselves as evil spirits and will distract as well as confuse the actual evil spirits. This belief has now taken modern turns and on the occasion of Halloween, children don the suits of evil spirits and as for the sacrifice in the form of sweets and candies.

The Halloween fun should is not only limited to children. Their parents have an equal share in the celebration. In fact, Halloween celebrations are more fun for the adults than the children. On the Halloween occasion, while the adults are planning for the Halloween party on the 31st October, the children swarm the streets from one house to another lit with the Halloween icon carven jack O lantern.

Mostly, a Halloween party will be associated with a horror related theme. Black Masque of Edgar Allan Poe’s short horror tales, or the Vampires of Transylvania, or the newer Asian-horror movie inspired themes are a few examples to be listed. Apart from the horrifying theme, the host should pay much attention to the costumes that people are going to wear. Halloween sexy costumes provided a good range of both mythical as well as fictional characters.

A woman who want to look sexy and wants to go for something revealing then Halloween sexy costumes are a best choice. She can guise herself as a vampirella, with a drooping neckline, backless and blood red suit. This would not scare the people to that extent however will attract them. But you can use the Igor-costume assistant with a dog chain for slave-mistress combo and give a cruel look. The latter is prefect for the adult costume parties.


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